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God, she was good at what she was doing! I kept thinking that someone would wake up and catch us, so it took me a while to approach full erection. ...ut I also marveled at how good she was at blowing me! I couldn't tell if I could hear her or feel her do it, it was so intense!She kept on suctioning my cock, never letting up, but swirling that maddening tongue all around and around and around! I felt only the sounds of the room in my ears along with the deafening slurping sound of her sucking. “Well, then, for starters,” her fingers slid beneath the bottom of her shirt and a moment later her shirt was on the couch revealing two luscious, creamy tits topped by small pink nipples. “I’m not wearing a hoody, Greggy.” My jaw was in my lap. A mammoth grin spread across my face and I laughed nervously. “You like those?” she said. “Here,” she took my hand and began guiding it to her chest. “It’s all right, it feels good when they’re touched.” My fingers spread across her breast. She sighed. “I can put those away, my Lord,” Silmaria said, feeling a twinge of possessiveness. “It’s all right. I can take care of them. I remember where they go. I’ll put them away, while you focus on finding the books.” He rose, gripping his walking stick with one hand while he gathered several large, heavy books with his free arm, balancing them as if they weighed nothing. Silmaria pursed her lips unconsciously and remained silent, unhappy, but fetched the books he required. Both of them finished their. Of course I perfectly understand if you have other plans." Erm no," you mumble in surprise, "I'd love to come." Oh, that's great," she replies - I'll message the details over to you."Its quite a mixed group: Myself - and my husband, Gordon, of course. Mark, whose with us on a student placement - have you met him yet?" you recall a red-faced nervous young man of about 19, "He's bringing his girlfriend, I believe."Then there's Marcia Woolley, from payroll, she used to work with us until she went.

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