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The storm sewers led to the bay and I put sensors all along it to find any source of contamination and take the people responsible for any illegal dum...ing to court.Large sanitary sewer pipes were leading to a waste disposal area. I built the best plant I could in this instance. A very large area had covered settling ponds and all the waste was collected and stored. The methane gas coming off was hastened by the new variety of microbes I introduced. This gas was sold to some of my companies.. Drinking was the only thing that dulled my sense of guilt for a while.”“But who... ?” started Shelia.“It’s got to be the mother. The father’s been dead for years now.”“Marjorie Timmings?”“Yeah. She swore at the trial that she would get even with Toomey. Of course she didn’t know about our involvement then. Somehow she has found out we were involved and is taking out her revenge by killing our daughters the same way her daughter was raped and murdered. I didn’t put it together at first but then. ” (Oh ma tui tor make langto kore dekhte bhalo bashis..ki dushtu chele re baba. Ae baba ami toke langto hoe dekhachhi ar toke amar shorir take nie khete ar khelte debo.)Babu was already lying on the bed and mom slowly took off her towel so reveal her naked body to Babu’s hungry eyes. He ogled at her sexy body. Mom smiled and slowly lied down on the bed beside him and moved her hands on his chest and then slowly took her hand below till it reached his pants.Mom felt through his pants and pressed. Sitting back down on the sofa we again kissed for a few minutes until she reached up and grabbed hold of my hair and yanked me off the sofa and onto the floor in front of her. "Suck my cunt you fuckin' filthy whore" she demanded as she pulled me closer between her legs and closer to her cunt. I drove my tongue into her cunt and began to lick and suck on her furiously, savoring the taste of her cunt and juices as she became more aroused. After a long while of tasting her cunt she pulled my head.

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