" I was confused."No worries Honey, but forget about the slippers. See what I mean aboutthe feelings though?" Yeah I guess I panicked a bit." I looked...flustered and startednervously playing with my hair."See I ask you the slightest thing and it seems like the most importantthing in the world to you." I just feel guilty for not doing it." So it's just guilt then?" Gwen looked concerned."No, when I do things for you it makes me feel really good. Warm inside.Also..." Yes?" I think it turns me on a. Procedure, you know."Olivia could feel that the officer let go of her hair as it fell back onto her neck and shoulders."Bend over for me."'Oh God, ' thought Olivia. Olivia could feel the officer's gloved hands gently spreading her butt cheeks. She could feel her fingers probe her butt hole. Her fingers started to work their way down."Bend over a little farther for me. Touch your toes."Olivia could feel the officer's fingers make their way down to her womanhood. Suddenly she felt a finger being. He looked at me and said if Shirley won't fuck me, then he was going to send the pictures of me wearing the stolen jewelry to the police. He said I would be charged for receiving stolen goods and that John would probably be charged as an accessory. He said I would go to jail and lose custody of my daughter. All I could picture was me being lead off in handcuffs and my daughter screaming. Tom looked at me and said "yes" or "no?" John had started to get up again, but stopped when Tom pointed the. I’d finished my exams and lectures didn’t start up again until Monday. And because they would all be new courses, with new topics and in some cases different tutors, I couldn’t even get a head start on the reading since I didn’t know what the reading actually was.So I had nothing to do. And it felt weird.I was pondering this when my phone beeped. The one-word message was from Imogen.Breakfast?I replied that I’d meet her at the foot of the stairs in ten minutes, which would give me just enough.

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