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She leaned forward and kissed me like only Lexie could. She kept her eyes open and looked into mine. The look in her eyes when she forced her tongue i...to my mouth was unforgettable. We kissed like that for at least several minutes with our eyes open. She finally pulled away from me her face flushed with blood. “I just took a long hot bath and you’re gonna fuck me again?”, she laughed. “Nah, I give you a few hours off.”, I said, jokingly. “Hmmmm, I don’t know…... I can cum again, baby.” she. You know what I'm talking about. The look that gets you instantly excited and willing to do whatever she wanted...that kind of look! So, right before the movie was about to start, she suggested (well, ordered me is more like it) to use the bathroom and then get some snacks and drinks and put them on the side table next to our bed. Which I did. Then right as the movie started to play, she looked over at me and said, " I thought I told you...you weren't going to be watching this with me! Now,. " You deserved to run the team that you have been with all these years. I have to meet Stumpy, so I will catch you later." Ok Harry, and thanks again."I went on toward the briefing room and found Stumpy was waiting outside the door as I walked up."What's going on Harry? I was told there was a briefing but no one's in there." I need a few things done right away and since Preacher is snoozing, I thought I would call on you to get the ball rolling."I told him about the call from Zeke and what I. I slowly motion my ass toward the shaft behind me and tiptoe my cheeks over it so that the shaft brushes under me, past my balls and between my thighs until my own cock, engorged but drooping from the near ejaculation is touching it head to head. I motion my my legs cheeks and thighs back and forth over this third cock, all the while my own cock swinging beneath me occasionally hitting the head of the other as I frantically wank the dual shafts over my shoulders. I keep going, banging back and.

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