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Pull the skirt up a little higher."I worked the waistband of the skirt up about an inch higher on my waist and looked in the mirror. The bottom curve ...f the cheeks of my ass was just visible. That wasn't the only scary part though. My breasts were almost totally exposed from the sides. I need only lean forward slightly in this loose shirt and I might as well be topless.Nathan approved and ordered me to put my shoes back on. I looked around and found the high heels that he had picked out for me. Stripping naked, I stood and stared at my closet. What to wear? I finally settled on a dark green cocktail dress. If I was supposed to make a good impression, this was the dress to do it. Besides, I hadn’t had a chance to dress up in over a year. I’d just have to be fashionably late. Ten minutes and a quick shower later, I slipped on a thong and then squirmed into the dress. I stood in front of the mirror and adjusted myself, pushing my boobs where they belonged and smoothing down the sides of. Brad was leaning into her and kissing and sucking her big boobs, which were out of her dress. She had her hands around the back of his head and was pulling his head to her chest. He was sucking eagerly switching his mouth from one big bare boob to the other. Was mom moaning? Yes, but she was trying her best to do it softly.Suddenly I heard my dad. He was behind me. He was standing with his hands around Beth. Obviously he could see mom - his wife- being boob sucked by Brad! He pulled me to the. Soon her mouth was full of his load. I think she was kind of enjoying it because she swallowed it all. He then again took her by the ass and began kissing her. Then he lay her on the couch and began pounding her vagina with his fists. His face was all over her love hole. He then turned her around and began to slap her round juicy ass. It turned red in no time. After that he started licking her ass. He was eating the whole of her ass and I was thoroughly enjoying it all. He then made her sit up.

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