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I went back to the tip, put my lips around it and started blowing him. I felt it growing in my mouth until it was fully erected. I kept on going for a...while and the i pulled back, pushed my dad down on the bench and asked “are you ready for it?”. All he said was “are you realy sure you want to do this?”I got up, pulled down my string and hovered over my dads lap. I set his dick at the entrance of my pussy and sat down. It was the first time i ever had a man’s penis inside of me. The feeling was. She was no longer just an AI Girl; she was something else now. Now it was time for me to learn to adjust. At least I no longer had to worry about a surprise visitor discovering her. For all intents and purposes she looked, smelled, and felt like a young woman now. Albeit one with exotic features.That night as she crawled into bed she had a most unusual question for me; "Were you born?"I considered the reasons of this, but answered simply: "Yes."She looked thoughtful a moment then commented "I. She was a very attractive girl when we first met, at the age of 24. She was very tall, standing at 5 foot nine, She was slim, with fairly small tits, but lovely and firm, and she had a bottom to die for! Long blonde hair completed her beauty.After a few months, I just told her it was over. She didn’t cry, but just looked at me with a hurt look, but also with rather steely eyes, a deep green.She just said ‘ok then, bye’ and left me at the pub we had met in. I thought that it had gone rather. He flipped her off my body. He took three fingers on his right hand and shoved his fingers deep inside her pussy. As she started moaning I kissed her lips, her lips quivered as she tried kiss back. As we kissed I grabbed her left breast and gave it a good squeeze. Out of nowhere I felt Kyle's forceful hands. He laid me on my back. I saw he was stroking his cock in his hand. I told him, "I want you shove that cock inside me, and I want you thrust hard deep inside me, and I don't want you stop.

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