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He protested that they would all see his erection. Leniki couldn't help commenting on his attempt to be modest."Johnny, you are really something else....You already showed everyone in the wagon what you look like with a stiffy, so don't be silly. Do what Mom says."Reluctantly, the other two men got out of the water along with Jane and Johnny. Sure enough, all three men had erections, but no one said a word about it. That left Lanikai, Emmeline, and Leniki in the pool where they gravitated. A decent woman must know how to carry out in public place with that pallu as well.You may need to pinup that sari to be decent enough in public place, because without that pallu your boob shape is directly exposed in public with only hindrance of your blouse.On that occasion because of so much pressure applied on my sari and my boobs, I somehow cannot mange to keep my pallu well in place. I was really in disarray with my uncontrollable cloths. I really made a mess of my cloth but I could not do. I loved seeing it coming out of you and how far it shot out. Much further than Jim's did. Now Ive seen you cumming Ive got worked up and want to do the same to myself. Shall I?" "Off course. I'll watch but wouldn't to be better for you if I do it for you? You'll be quite safe. I wont use my cock. Ill use my fingers". "Please do it Tom". I rose from my lounger and knelt on the grass beside Jo. She took my hand and put it at the entrance to her shaven cunt. I pushed several fingers into her to. ...it now had completly piercedboth breasts...sizzling and bubbling..steam curling up from the shimmeringglowing steel....My god...my god..I dont know any names...please...you must believe me!!!You lie!!!...Lift them Sergeant..The Sergeant nodded and reaching up pulled achain from above ....he attached it to the ends of the skewer....then moving tothe rear of the frame turned a crank.....Clic....Click....Click....Click...the chain rose..and with it theskewer...and with IT..her.

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