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Ratri punha aamhi ekatrach zopalo, pan aaj mala risk ghyayche navte.Mhanun mi barach wel waat pahili ghai keli nahi! Baryach welanantar mi first day s...rkhe hatachi 2 bote thevun pahili Sheetal kadun kahich response navta. Mi aajahi tichya sharirawar saap (snake) firawa tasa majha haath firwat hoto, Sheetal jara halli aani mi ghabarlo aani chup chap zoplo.Tech tech karun mala kantala aala hota. Aaj ratri kahitari navin karayche ase mi tharavle hote. Mi dupari ekdam mast zop ghetli jene karun. “Mom,” said Haley a bit tentatively, but with some resolve. “I would really like to wake up tomorrow at home the same way I had imagined that I would be waking up at that hotel.”Jennifer looked over at her daughter with a mildly confused look.“With Philippe,” Haley said looking into her mother’s face directly without flinching.Jennifer’s eyebrows went up at that, and the conventional ‘mother response’ was just on the verge of emerging, when a voice from the front seat said, “I think that would. She had a smirk on her face.“I know what you want,” she said. “You want me to suck your thing again.”“No,” I said, and then smiled. “Okay, yes. But I was thinking, you’ve been so great to me, making me so happy. I thought I should return the favor.”She was taking a sip of pop when I said this and almost spit it up in surprise. “What?”“You’ve made me feel so good. I thought I could do the same for you. Girls can get head too, you know.”“You want to lick me ... down there?” She asked.“If you want. Watching my wife gratify herself made me long to do the same. I released my cock from the restraints of my shorts and boxer briefs and started to stroke it as I watched my petite wife pound her ass hole and pussy with her toy. I could tell she was nearing her orgasm (how many this would make – I had no idea) as I could see her close her eyes tighter and saw her tight stomach muscles get even tighter as she raised her ass off the mattress. My own cum was boiling. Realizing my wife not only liked.

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