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I own them and use them as a record storage business, but deep in the bowels of one is hidden a suite of rooms I use for my purposes. I led Mrs. Dinsm...re to the bathroom in the master suite. Bigun and Mica accompanied us."Take a shower and clean up," I said as I unfastened the handcuffs.Some women would've been humiliated by taking a shower in front of three strange men, but Mrs. Dinsmore was in her element. She knew she was a desirable woman and she liked men watching her. She posed and turned. What have you been doing? Jacking off all morning?" That's exactly right! Now sit down, Angela! Please let me suck your cunt!"Angela shrugged and backed up to the nearest couch, sprawling on the cushions. Janet was all over Angela, pawing her big tits and rubbing her crotch.Angela had worn a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. Janet had sounded awfully rushed, so she hadn't put on a bra. Even though he enormous tits jiggled provocatively through the sheer cotton, she hadn't expected to be raped while. "I love you too, little one." Your soft words register swiftly and tears well up in my eyes as you return your mouth to mine, kissing me with ferocity.Running my tongue over your lips, I beg permission for entrance, staring into your eyes as I kiss you back eagerly. My soft body presses firmly into your much harder one and I wiggle my hips against you slowly, feeling your hardening cock through the layers of our clothes.I pull back from the kiss slowly, letting my fingers trail down your chest. Jill and I were so worked up too that she wanted to be fucked and took my bone all the way up in one push, Jill started to cum which pushed me over the edge and emptied myself into her cum slot. Pulling my meat out, Jill slid onto Sheena's mouth and awoken her with my cum load running into her mouth, Sheena moaned and cleaned me from my blonde darling. That night Jill and I were making out (that was one of her fetishes) and said she wanted to watch Sheena fuck me. Sheena's meat was so big I.

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