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We went to say goodnight to the parents one last time and took one of the candles to Chris' room. Since I was already wearing what I was gonna sleep i... I held the candle for Rita so she could sift through her clothes for something better. When she finally found something I jumped in bed and waited for her to crawl up to me, I loved when she did that. We lay there for a while holding each other and listening to the rain, then a quick flash and loud boom had Rita cuddling into me even more, and. Her hands moved forward too and she captured it. The skin around it was soft and yielding,,, but at the center she could feel the tremendous strength in it. She could tell that he’d taken a shower this evening and still smelled fresh from it. Her tongue circled its head and she heard him moan softly and felt him raise his hips to her. He was delicious and… a mouthful. She closed her lips and held quiet. Yes! She could feel the blood pulse into it…feel and taste the maleness he held there. She. He stopped for a moment to admire the shoes - then his lips touched the top of one, where her toes were hidden, and shivered at the contact. His cock twitched, and he could feel precum beading at the tip. He moaned again, not wanting to break the contact, but for fear of punishment, he pulled away.“Something wrong, pet?” Mistress Eudora drawled.“N-no, MIstress.” Stewart gulped as he searched for the words. “I just… please… permission to act freely?”She thought for a moment, and he kept his head. ” I pushed her away and said, “Sweetie, you can have me all you want later. But now we have to order food for later, and I have to go pick it up.” She pouted a bit and said, “Ok”, then smiled at me.“Oh, by the way, Kim is coming over too to join us.” My eyebrow shot up and said, “Really? Does she know what we’re going to do tonight?”“It was Karen’s idea, and I went along with it. Kim needs a break and probably some good sex.” Carol went on to tell me that Karen and Kim got along great and one.

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