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"Nine would be good."Max Kelly and his sales manager were standing in front of us in less than half an hour. The first thing that happened, before any...ne could say a word, Max handed a check to Marcy for 184 thousand and change."I am truly sorry that this happened and ashamed that it happened at our dealership. I can assure you that we have made the necessary changes to prevent it from happening again at any of our outlets. The amount is what the detectives and we found after a complete audit.. The colours that Dory had chosen really changed my perception of the home. She said curtains would make it even better and I believed her. She was busy buying material for them, borrowing a sewing machine from Miranda to hem and size them. I didn't know she had the skill, but she did a great job. Just another hidden talent in my future bride.Future bride? We were living like we were married. Same house, same bed, same food, same everything ... well ... almost everything. I think we'd finally. Slaves, this is a no safeword event. If you lose you will be thrown to the sharks and there is nothing you or your Master can do to stop it. If you understand that, please raise your right hand so we have video evidence of your agreement to a no safeword event.”He waited a moment for all of us to raise our right hand. A couple raised their left hand, but someone standing nearby corrected them. Then Herr Dunkler addressed the Masters and Mistresses. “If any of the owners of these slaves did not. “Ashleigh I want to talk to you about something.”Ashleigh averted her eyes and mumbled, “What?”Molly sighed lightly and continued. “Ashleigh, you’re a filthy little whore.” The girl jerked her head towards her stepmother, eyes shooting daggers at the older woman. “You disobey me, ignore me, and undermine my authority. You strut around town, whoring around and doing god knows what else. And I’ve had enough of you and your behaviour. So it’s time you learn your lesson.”There was a fire burning in.

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