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After the kidnapping by Ingles, Jill had barely made it to the Retreat alive, only days, at most, from dying. But with the Healer's enhancement, Jill ...ad recovered to her previous astonishingly beautiful self. The kidnapping, however, had left its mark on her. Even though she was Bill's original wife, and he had not blamed her in the least after learning what had actually happened with Ingles, she still shied a little from making major decisions that involved her husband ... or Kathy, Jill. "By now the neighbouring standholders had arrived, and we had drawn alarge and sympathetic crowd, voicing words of encouragement."There!" said Bridie at last. "It's in, right down to the balls. Welldone." Oh, Bridie!" I groaned. "I know from yesterday that I'll get used tothis in an hour or so's time, but right now... Ohhh!"Bridie was now ready with the dress. "You need to get this on quick,Terry," she said, urgently. "It's almost nine."Standing on a chair, Bridie dropped the dress over my head. Leesy played the innocent girl and declined to have any sort of sexual relations with Glen before they were married. He was old fashioned enough to appreciate and accept that though, at the same time, he was achingly eager to experience intercourse. He had gone out with other girls in the past. He had even gotten a few of them into his apartment. The problem was that, when they saw his underdeveloped penis, a mere two inches flaccid and only four, and proportionatly skinny, erect, they suddenly. But with the girls it was different. Grace had found herself looking at them in the showers, looking for other girls that stared at other girls too. She had spotted one girl, a quiet mousey little girl. She could be really attractive if she tried. Get a sexy hair cut, apply a bit of make-up and get contact lenses and she could be a real man-eater. Though Grace had a sneaking suspicion she was more of a pussy-eater.It took a bit of courage for Grace to talk to her, but she did. It was odd, she.

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