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As I got back to my desk, my phone vibrated with a message.NYCrusader: Put your thong in an envelope and post it to **************He provided a postal...box to send my thong to. He was really pushing my boundaries and I was getting so turned on by it. I simply replied back.Me: Yes sir.The day went on as normal without any significant events. Towards the end of the day I went to the bathroom to take off my thong and I put it in my bag. I went back to my desk and carried on with my work. I waited. The order was declared immediate and without exception."Call up everyone," Michael ordered his Generals and Commanders. "We need all aircraft, all teams, and all elements engaged. I've asked for every available resource from Canada to New Zealand. Production of additional hardware is underway at our Lunar support base. We're getting more Interdictors, Llamas, and Ranger team equipment."We will monitor movements and communications. If we even suspect trouble brewing, we'll land on it with both. ‘If you want to keep our weekly appointments, you do realize that you can’t keep talking about your friends, casually listing what’s been going on in your life, don’t you? You do realize that we need to start from the beginning and work our way through your thoughts, your feelings, your reactions and your conscious actions?’ I told her, keeping my tone calm but firm. She laughed softly and shook her head before she looked at me with that crooked smile on her face again, now accompanied by one. So, if you cooperate we all will enjoy and it’s going to be a secret between 6 of us. We don’t want to force you so take your call. Gargi was weeping, joining her hands in front of us to spare her and all blah blah, but we were in no mood to listen to her. Suddenly Rahe went ahead hold her face and started to kiss her wildly she started to hit her arms pushing him away, but he overtook her… Rahe carried her to the bedroom and we all followed like obedient students behind him.He threw her into.

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