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The scent took him to memories that he had not visited in years and also to some of hers. ‘Daddy, look how high Vicky’s kite is going. It’s gon...a touch the moon!’ A large hand gripped the top of a young blonde girl’s one-peicebathing suit, bunching it in a fist, then released it abruptly, causing her to stumble backwards in the sand.Handsome blue eyes pierced the girl through tears that were slowly clouding her vision. The air around him wafted heavily with countless substances and his face. " Oh man, one night playing with those trophies would be like dyin' and goin' to heaven," Warren said with a twinkle in his eye."You and me too. Do you know her well?" Andy inquired."Not really. She drops by my desk from time to time. I love it when she bends over my desk looking at the sales figures. Her boobs almost pop out of her dress." Yeah, she's pretty friendly with me too. I think she's made a point of touching base with all the guys. Sometimes at break, she sits opposite my desk with. I wanted a rematch with Eve. I knew I can do better than last time. I might not beat Eve today, but I will by the end of the summer. RJ was trying to keep up with me, but I was already three laps ahead of him. Suddenly I was attacked. I was pulled into the water. I twisted and turned. Trying to get the attacker off of me, I was able to get myself oriented, and then I saw that it was RJ. I knew everything would be ok. I grabbed him with both hands and pulled him to the bottom. I used the pool. Wait until you hear her.”“Are you serious? Can she even sing?”“Fuck yeah, she can!”Carl made a face. “I don’t know if that’s going to work.”My heart sank a little. I had a feeling he was going to hold out.“Are we going to be singing Madonna songs and shit?” he asked.I laughed with relief. “No way, man. She can sing all the stuff we’ve been working on.”He was still unimpressed. “Really.”“Yeah. She’s going to come up in a little while to try it out.”“I don’t know, man,” Carl persisted. “No.

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